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Where to Find Design Inspiration

There are so many wonderful designers and design bloggers out there, and I love following them just as much as YOU! Today’s post will be short and sweet, but I wanted to share with you some of the people I follow and why I follow them. So much inspiration is right at your fingertips, from Houzz to Pinterest and Instagram….I know my business isn’t the only one you follow…that would be silly!


First up is one of my all time favorite designers! A local Texas girl who lives and works in the Houston area, she and I actually met a few years ago and the IDS National conference when it was held here in Dallas. Her style is bold and beautiful, and her business sense is second to none! She’s truly an inspiration to me, from the creative passion she has to the wisdom one needs to run a successful interior design firm. She’s one of a kind, and I consider her a friend! She’s sweet, smart, and loves the Lord. And I just think she hung the moon! Her work can be found on her website which is https://www.veronicasolomon.com/.

Another designer friend of mine is local to the Dallas area, but works mostly the Dallas and North Dallas market; whereas I work mostly the Fort Worth side of the metroplex. My dear friend Melody Jurick has such colorful, inspiring interiors. She and I try to hunt each other down at local networking meetings just so we can sit together, and we definitely client share if certain projects fall more in the other’s territory. She knows my family and I know hers as well. She’s funny, loud and sassy and she’s just such a good friend to me! She and I have been friends since I started my business in 2013. Her work can be found at https://melodyjurickdesigns.com/.

Who To Follow On Instagram

  • @themodernhive (Nebraska, young mother, and rockstar designer.)
  • @ginabaran (Mom of 2, has her own design firm and store front, too!)
  • @kufrilife (global inspired woven textiles, Dallas based)
  • @brendan.bass (Dallas showroom to the trade, authentic global finds from all over the world.)
  • @thetruehouse (California based designer, has quickly built a successful design firm. Mom of 2!)
  • @sortedoutorganizing (Dallas based organizer very involved in the Dallas design community.)
  • @apartmenttherapy (Cute and Quirky small home shares for design inspiration.)
  • @angelineguidodesign (local Dallas designer, mom of 2, hilarious life outtakes and fun design inspiration.)
  • @blankslatereno (Dallas based renovations with charming minimalist interiors.
  • @home.interior1  (Collaborative collections of various featured designs and designers.)

I’d love to hear from you as well! Who do you love to follow on social media to gather design inspiration? Comment below.

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  • Veronica
    March 3, 2020

    Thank you so much Kara! You are the sweetest. You are an inspiration to me too. And you know I love Melody and so many of the other designers you listed in your post. Thanks my friend!

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