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The Struggle Is Real for Window Treatments

One of the skills I pride myself on is custom window treatments. I know that realistically not everyone can afford custom draperies or shades, and that even just the mention of it scares some clients; whereas some clients seek me out just for this skillset alone, and I don’t have to try to persuade them to invest in custom treatments, because they already see the value in them.

Retail “Ready-Made” VS. Custom

In general, retail panels are poorly lined, whereas custom drapes are lined purposefully to best show pattern, control light and add weight. Retail panels have a tendency to lose the effect of the pattern or the color once sunlight penetrates the fabric. Retail panels often come with a lack of precision. They may say 96″ length, but in actuality only be 95 3/4″ or 96 1/2″. This matters when the hardware is installed for a 96″ length…the uneven panels will be evident. Custom draperies are made to the exact length that the designer specifies, and the perfection is visible. Retail panels often come wrinkled and bunched up from being in the packaging. Custom draperies are tailored, pressed and packaged in such a way that wrinkles are mostly eliminated, and often pressed or steamed on-site the day of installation. Also of importance, inexpensive retail hardware looks just that….inexpensive. The rods are thin or telescope, or tend to bow in the middle. The scale is off, brackets are weak… Custom hardware, installed by a professional, has the proper size for proportion, appears seamless, is sturdy, and when professionally installed, withstands the heavier weight of custom drapes. Most importantly, custom draperies are made to fit the precise measurements of your exact windows….no “almost right” or “that’ll do….” It’s literally JUST RIGHT. Besides, wouldn’t you want to hand-pick the fabrics and details with a designer’s help?

Custom Valances by Sleek to Chic Interiors:

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Custom Panels by Sleek to Chic Interiors:

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Custom Cornice by Sleek to Chic Interiors:

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While it isn’t necessary or feasible for every room to have custom drapery treatments, some rooms really would be better off with them! Many times a room just need a sheer to finish off the window, and light or privacy isn’t a concern. But, I always urge my clients to make a list of pros/cons when drapery is something that would really finish a space off with beauty and functionality. Lastly, don’t believe everything you read on Pinterest! This is one of my pet peeves; when someone has found a pin that promises that custom look on a dime. While there are some very savvy, crafty people out there making draperies out of very creative ideas…..Just imagine….one such pin says you can have gorgeous, arched hardware silk drapery panels like the photo above from my portfolio by using an arched shower curtain rod. Really??? Never. It won’t support the weight. It won’t look custom either. It will be yet another Pinterest fail. If you have drapery questions, concerns, or are afraid of doing it wrong yourself…don’t hesitate to set up a consultation just to discuss the best option for YOU! Happy window dressing!

All photos are from the portfolio of Sleek to Chic Interiors, LLC.

Photography by Jennifer Sturch and Daniel Martinez.

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