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The Impact of Design on Well-Being

KaraWhen I decided to enter the profession of interior design, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew when I was young that I had a creative knack and knew that different spaces made me feel different things. I also, however subconsciously, knew that there was beauty to be found almost everywhere I looked, even in places that don’t seem beautiful at first glance. Since I loved to decorate, I chose interior design as my major and expected to be taught to decorate. Guess what…they don’t teach you that outright! Instead, my degree spanned various topics such as architecture, building construction, lighting and electrical plans, safety codes and standards, art rendering forms, blueprint making, model-building, space planning, textiles, consumer sciences, computer drafting, styles of each era, history of design, and of course the basic elements and principles of design. Nobody stood me in a room with a wall and required me to place a sofa perfectly, or hang a showcase art “just so.” There were tears, all-nighters, exact-o-knife accidents, and thoughts of this being WAY more than I bargained for.

Would I choose this profession knowing what I know now? ABSOLUTELY. Let me tell you why dating 40001interior design matters. Why it is so much more than fluffing pillows, matching colors, and shopping. Do I get to do those things? Yes, of course. But there is so much more to it.

A designer can help you save money in the long run by keeping you from buying the wrong-sized furnishings for your space. A designer can see things that you can’t, and can be a visionary and advocate for you. A designer can help you increase the resale value of your home, and can even improve the curb appeal and the outdoor living spaces as well. A designer can bring a WOW into your spaces with one or two simple changes. Designers have access to resources that you don’t. Designers can help you create and stick to a spending plan for your project that puts the money where it matters, and saves it where you can. Designers know more about textiles than you’d imagine, and can advise for fabric longevity. Designers plan a space with function, scale, proportion, and aesthetics…not just what looks pretty.

“Hiring a certified professional for remodeling projects is a must,” says NKBA President Maria Stapperfenne, CMKBD. “DIY sounds good on paper, but homeowners are rarely prepared for the amount of work behind a remodel project; professionals provide much-needed insight into technical regulations and design innovations that the client isn’t even aware of.”

color_wheelThere are even facets of design that cover the psychology of color, and how color affects our emotions. Certain colors evoke certain feelings. For example, red brings a sense of power and intensity to a room and is one of the most powerful colors in a designer’s palette. Yellow is uplifting, happy and brings a cheery energy into a space. Green signifies freshness and life and is one of the most versatile colors. Blues, depending in the intensity and shade, can provide serenity or inspiration, and even stimulate our thinking. Next time you pick a room’s color…give it some thought as to the purpose of the space as well as the mood you want to evoke upon completion.

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This isn’t a service for wealthy people with money to spare. This is a service for ALL people, no matter the budget, that makes you proud to call your home YOURS. Aside from all I’ve mentioned above, I always circle back to what Dehn Bloom Design says regarding our well-being and how interior design really is important.

“Many of us feel we don’t have time to notice – much less create – beauty in our lives. Art and beauty don’t get much air time; economic, political and celebrity coverage dominates news at the expense of artistic and cultural subjects. While most of us know on an instinctive level that beauty and art are important culturally, it can be hard to articulate why we need them in our lives.  And yet, we all respond physically and mentally to spaces we love.  We know somehow they matter. What does this mean for daily life?  Design and beauty are more important than many of us realize.  Beauty not only “feeds the soul,” but also impacts children’s ability to learn, adult’s blood pressure, the creativity of our thinking and the openness of our minds.  Exposure to beauty is a basic human need.  Appreciating beauty gives meaningful joy, and creating beauty and art is one of the highest expressions of the human spirit. ”  

I want to leave you with a book I read recently, called The Nesting Place by Myquillin Smith.thenestingplace I suggest this as a starting point to get you thinking about your home, even for the most basic, low-cost changes you can make. Start shuffling things around, making small changes here and there and see how it alters your moods. From there, allow yourself to dream and envision what your dream home would be, and consider bringing a professional dreamer into that vision with you. You will NOT regret it!

Thanks for reading, and happy nesting!


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