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The Home & Garden Show Phenomenon

I just love home and garden shows, don’t you? I mean…grab your glass of wine, your cheese and grapes, prop your feet up on the cocktail table and just soak it all in. Be inspired. Watch the demo day unfold, the problems arise (as they always do), and the final product that wows you. I’m not being sarcastic at all. I love home shows, and if I ever have downtime, that’s where you’ll find me! (Well, I may have my nose in a good novel too.)

But I do want to educate followers and clients on the difference between what you see on TV, and what happens in the real world. Keep in mind that those television shows are created for entertainment. The bottom line numbers you see on shows like Fixer Upper might not be realistic in your area. Real estate values are much higher almost everywhere than in Waco, TX. This means the cost of living is higher, which means costs of renovations are higher…you get me, right? I love Fixer Upper and Chip and Jojo more than the average girl. I love what they stand for, and that they have a platform to live a life of faith out loud. I love their teamwork, wit and family values. The woman has talent! But, did you know that those cost breakdowns on the show do NOT include any of the furnishings and décor? If the homebuyer wants to keep the furnishings and décor that were put into their home, they have to buy them. I’m guessing that’s not cheap. Actually, there’s no guessing there. It’s not cheap.


When you turn off your TV and take a good look around your home, if you don’t like what you see, start thinking and planning. Start a Pinterest board with inspired ideas, start a priority list in a notebook, sketch out original ideas even if you *can’t draw.* Take a good in-depth look at your finances. Call me at that point. I can help you prioritize and plan, and teach you how much remodels and furnishings really cost. I know how to pull a room together where money is invested in the right things.


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If it is your goal to remodel AND furnish your home, then just know that the experience, as well as the cost, will not be at all like what you see on television. Sleek to Chic Interiors takes great pride in helping you spend your money wisely. One of the papers I leave with you at the initial consultation is a budget planning page that helps you through your cost research so you can get a good grasp on the going prices of items. My goal is to create spaces for you that you will love for years to come, and hold your hand throughout the entire process to make sure your experience is wonderful and the outcome’s even better!


If you want a glimpse into what it actually costs to remodel, and what you get for that money, then take a look at this Houzz article linked here.



Don’t stop watching home improvement shows…by all means. Watch more! But keep a realistic mindset when it is time to invest in your property! Happy home improvement!


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