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Summer of 2019 in Review

This summer will go down in our family history as one of the best summers ever. In fact, I can’t think of any other summer where I felt compelled to create a family photo album as a keepsake from just the summer months. It must have been a combination of me feeling so well, with the really fun age that Jake is currently, but either way, my heart is filled to the brim with gratefulness for the memories our family made together this summer!

Jake with my Dad, Jerry, and several of his cousins. First swim in our pool!

Highlights From June

  1. Jake attended two Christian day camps back to back, then made a decision to follow the Lord and be baptized. (Which took place later in the summer.) Jake went to Camp Thurman with his friend Campbell, and had so much fun! They did outdoor adventure games and learned about the love of Jesus.
  1. A visit from Houston family! Mimi and Pops, and Aunt Callie and cousins. Jake just adores his Houston cousins, and it’s always a fun time when they head to town!
  1. Our first pool party for Jake’s baseball team. This was our first summer with our new pool, and we had multiple pool parties throughout the entire summer! We just love being a party house that’s great for hosting gatherings of all types!

Highlights From July

  1. A day at the lake with friends! This was an impromptu change of plans from our typical 4th of July plans, and we had such a nice relaxing time! Grateful for time with these dear friends.
  1. Georgia friends come for a visit! Heather is one of my childhood best friends, and she and her family live outside the Atlanta area. We only get to see them every few years, and this was the first time her kids had been to Texas. We showed them around TEXAS style! Rodeo, stockyards, Tex-Mex cuisine….you name it. The day they left was a sad day for this house. Jake is super attached to her teen son Noah, and I’m super attached to their whole family. We love them so much.
  1. Jake’s Birthday Pool Party! Jake turned 7 this summer and wanted his party to be a pool party in our own backyard! It was nice to be able to keep the party super simple, and just let him have some fun with his friends.
  1. Jake’s Baptism! Since we had family in town for Jake’s birthday, we decided to schedule his baptism for the same weekend so that it would be convenient for our out of town family. He had quite a crew there to cheer him and celebrate with us! Jake accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and made it public with his baptism! So proud of him!

Highlights From August

  1. Road Trip Vacation to Florida and back. Even though this trip began as a work trip for my sorority house install at UF, as a family we chose to extend the trip. Since we were driving all the way to Florida anyway, we figured we may as well take Jake to a beach (he had never been to a beach before!) and to Disney World! Best Family Vacation EVER!
  1. Back to School Cookout at Gram and Papa’s House. All the cousins love to play together, and Grammy (my mom) even got a ton of little trinkets and pencils, stickers, tattoos and candy, and threw it all in a bin. She gave each kid a plastic bag and told them to dig in! She lovingly called hit Gramazon Prime!
  1. Jake started 2nd grade! We are so ready to see how he does this year, and happy to be back to the routine.

What was your favorite family vacation ever? This summer just knocked our socks off with happiness! And I’m so proud that in the middle of all of this fun, Sleek to Chic had a very busy summer as well!

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