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Styling a Cocktail Table

Styling a cocktail table, also known as a coffee table, is very simple! Too often when someone is overwhelmed with this, they are usually overthinking it! It doesn’t take much to finish off the table, and actually only requires 3 main ideas.

3 Basic Rules of Styling a Cocktail Table

  1. Don’t leave it bare.
  2. One large anchor item, such as a tray or large book.
  3. Useful or beautiful items around and on top!


That’s it! So simple.

Keep in mind your household when choosing which items to use for the coffee table. If your family loves to look through photo albums, then let a larger photo album be the anchor item. If it is a house full of women, such as the sorority houses I do for Phi Mu, then by golly use a large decorative book about women with a huge pink ceramic flower! Decorative boxes, baskets for remotes, and more fun ideas below!

What To Look For When Shopping For This

  1. Large flat item such as a tray or large book that makes sense for your household. Size needs to be relative to the table.
  2. Some decorative object that is roundish in shape and smaller than the tray or book.
  3. Elegant, unique, or colorful items.
  4. Functional items like baskets, or photo albums you may already have, or even decorative boxes to hide away unsightly coasters and remotes!
  5. Items that could make good conversation starters.
  6. A little “nature,” even if it is faux!

Don’t be stumped by something so easy! And if you do get overwhelmed, just read back through this post!

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