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Preppy Boho

Do you ever feel like your own personal fashion style doesn’t fit into one stereotypical category? I sure do. One day I’m wearing Banana Republic with Kate Spade shoes, and the next I’m wearing a kimono and Birkenstocks. Ha! And that’s ok. The same thing happens with decorating styles, believe it or not! These looks are often called eclectic in interiors.

Sleek to Chic was named after this very concept!

When I sat down to think of a name for my business when I started it in January 2013, I knew I wanted the name to mark my style.

What I knew about myself is that I had a knack for stylistically merging modern (sleek) with bits of traditional or casual (chic) successfully. So yeah….Sleek to Chic was born from my ability to combine styles and make it work!

I often carry this same concept over into my fashion choices, since I can’t make up my mind on styles. A few weeks ago I showed up to a local meeting for The Interior Design Society and walked up to my friend to hug her, and she said “I just love your style! How would you describe your style?” And without skipping a beat, I said “Preppy Boho, man!”

“Home is the page. The one place I always, always come back to.” – Ayelet Tsabari

“Home is the page. The one place I always, always come back to.”

Ayelet Tsabari

Once I realized this about myself, that I was unique in this way, I stopped fighting it. I built my wardrobe to fit preppy boho. I decorated my home in this vibe to fit preppy boho. On any given day you’ll find me creating unique interior and exterior spaces for my clients that often tap into this skill of mine.

But even more important to me than my own style is the style of my clients. Just because this is my own personal style, that doesn’t mean all of my designs fit preppy boho. Some of my clients want ultra modern and sleek, while others want French country casual. And I create their projects for THEM, not for myself.

They are the ones that must love where they live. And I can love where I live too. In my preppy boho house, wearing my preppy boho outfits, and collecting books like a crazy person!

I’ve also got an amazingly keen sense of color. All colors are important to me, and spaces that have lots of colors are the most invigorating to me. But the spaces I design actually reflect the color requests of the client.

If they want neutrals, they get neutrals. If they want a triad color scheme, they get a little pop of color. And paint color undertones? It’s like I can see through every chip and know what pigments were added to white to make that color. Paint color selections are so fun for me!

How would you describe your fashion style? Your decorating style? Do colors scare you? Do you think the two go hand in hand to tell others about you?

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