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My 6-Step Decorating Checklist

I’ve decided to take the plunge into the world of design blogging. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing. No, really. I am not techy…I’m artsy. But hey, I’ll give it a go. Some consistent traits of my blog will be: short, informative, and likely laced with traces of humor. If that’s ok with you.

I’ve created a checklist for decorating any given room from the ground up, and if you follow it, you are likely to end up with a room that isn’t lacking in beauty or any of the forgotten elements of design.

  1. Think about your flooring when buying furniture.7

If your home has wood flooring, don’t go out and buy a “room to go” full of brown wood or leather furniture. It’s ok to have some wooden casegoods, but try to mix in metals, painted pieces and colorful or lighter upholstery. If it’s too late, and your room looks like a big brown void…get out there and pick a rug that is lighter or colorful in order to break up all that brown.

  1. Consider the Layout

Do you find yourself knocking your shins on table legs, or stubbing your toes? Do you get frustrated with the traffic pattern through a room? You may have layout issues that revolve around either A) furniture being the wrong size for the room, or B) too much furniture, or C) poorly placed furniture. While it is always best to get the opinion of a professional such as myself, you can try rearranging and creating new pathways that eliminate one or two of the frustrations you feel. One perk of a well-designed room is lower anxiety…scientifically proven!

  1. One or Two Statement Pieces

Not everything in the room should be bold enough to make a statement. But, having one or two unique elements can create focal points as well as lively conversations! I’ve seen spaces where literally everything in the room is “wow” in some way…and it’s just too much on the old eyes. Pick just one…I know its’ hard, but you can do it!


  1.  Layer Your Lighting

LightingAny given room should have multiple sources of light. The main reason for this is from a functionality perspective. Table lamps and floor lamps provide task lighting, while overhead lighting simply illuminates the space in general. But, when you begin to add more layers of lighting to a room, it literally comes alive! Consider all surfaces…ceiling, walls, table tops, windows…all can be used to enrich a space with layered lighting. The room pictured below has natural light, overhead light, wall sconces and a table lamp. And, I’m not kidding when I say this room is amazing, am I?



  1. Do Your Windows Make You Cringe?

I consider draperies to be one of the most amazing transformations for any space. It is literally the 14-Fulllipstick for a room. If all that’s covering your windows are faux 2″ wood blinds from 2002, it might be time to update those windows. While I always advise clients to have custom draperies made because they are literally tailored to those specific windows and created JUST for YOU…it isn’t always the most budget-friendly option. A room can completely change by switching out blinds for shades, and then adding panels or a valance to polish it off.

  1. Balance It Out

balanceGive your room one final glance and see if there is a balance between elements. Is there a healthy mix of light and dark? Textured and Smooth? Color and Neutral? New and Old? Balance is one of the most important elements of design. Like the old saying goes…too much of a good thing is never good. In fact, it can look downright bad. I’m also proud of this space below…its’ balance feels so natural. And yes, that is an outdoor space you see. Sleek to Chic Interiors, LLC can work DSC_4898magic in your outdoor spaces too!

Thanks for stopping by and reading…I hope you revisit from time to time!

All photos are from Sleek to Chic’s portfolio.


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