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How to Buy the Right Sized Rug

Buying a rug can be daunting…with so many different patterns and colors and styles, fibers, sizes, etc…this can quickly become one of the most overwhelming purchases you can make. Even the thickness of the rug matters when it comes to door swing or robot vacuum use. Oftentimes, searching for rugs online even proves difficult, as color portrayal varies greatly from monitor to monitor, therefore making color accuracy tough to match. In most cases, I try to get actual samples of the rugs. Some retailers offer this option, but my own default is to meet up with my favorite rug vendor at Dallas Market Center to put my hands on actual rug pieces, make sure it coordinates well with the other textiles in the room, and to check out samples to share with the client.

3 Tips for Rug Sizing

  1. Ideally, all furniture would fit on the rug. This is not always possible due to furniture layout and room size, etc. The next best thing would be to make sure the rug is large enough to at least make sure the front feet of the sofa are on the rug, along with the side tables. If not, the rug will look entirely too small for the room!
  1. In a dining room, you need an even larger rug than you’d think! The rule of thumb for this room is that the rug needs to be large enough to have all 4 feet of the dining chairs remain on the rug when scooting away from the table. If not, not only does it look too small, but the edge of the rug will become damaged over time and keep the chair feet from moving easily.
  1. Bigger is Better! If you are having a hard time determining which sized option to go for, opt for the larger option. This will usually allow for most, if not all, furniture feet to land on the rug when laid out. Rugs under King Beds needs to be 8×10 or larger. Living Room rugs also should be 8×10 or larger, never smaller.
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