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Holiday Tradition Ideas 2019

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that late fall and early winter is my favorite time of the year. There is just something about the holidays that all line up and fall within these few months….something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I know the holidays can also be difficult, for many different reasons. But for me, it’s all just pure joy and I truly relish the memories we make each year with both sides of our families. As you can see, pajamas are SUPER important during the holidays. Ha!

Holiday Traditions From Both Sides

On my side of the family, we always take all the little cousins to take photos with Santa. Same mall every time! The little cousins all get a photo together, and then each family group does as well. Here are a couple from the past!

Another tradition we love, no matter which city we are in on Christmas eve, be it Houston or Fort Worth, are the candlelight services we attend with family.

We also make it a point to go on double dates with each of our siblings. It may not happen with every sibling every year, but we do our best to try and coordinate this. It’s so important to connect with the other couples without the presence of children to interrupt and distract from our intentional time together. Here are a couple fun double date memories from recent years.

Ever since Jake came along, and since he is adopted, we make it a point every year to get together with as much of his birth family as we can. They feel just like family to us! And of course it is what’s best for Jake…to layer in as much into his memory history as we can of his original family.

We do so many more traditions together as a family…but I’m not going to be able to dig up all the photos from our past to go with each memory. So here is a short list of other holiday traditions we do either on the Gordon side or the Watson side.

-Special storytime at bedtime on Christmas Eve…we read “The Night Before Christmas” to Jake, and we always prearrange for either my dad or Anthony’s dad to have a football and some jingle bells ready outside. They throw the football on the roof, simulating reindeer hoof sounds on the roof, and they jingle those bells, too! So far, it has literally gotten Jake by surprise every year, and he hears it….raises his eyebrows, then makes us leave and he goes to sleep immediately. It’s the sweetest thing!

-At Thanksgiving, in both of our families, we go around the table and share the things we are grateful for. It can be a sentimental moment, or a hilarious one…depending on whose table you are at.

-In Anthony’s family, every few years or so, we help serve food at homeless shelters at Thanksgiving. We are actually doing that again this year. It’s great for the children to see that there are those in the world around us who are not as fortunate as us, and it really starts to give them a sense of compassion.

-In Anthony’s family, we always have a family game night. There are prizes both for kids and adults, and of course everyone trades their prizes at the end. The prizes are sometimes awesome, and sometimes totally useless. It’s so fun to gather around game boards as a family and get some good laughs in. We also try to get away just the adults for a meal together with no kiddos.

-There’s of course always holiday cookie baking and Christmas movies…and this typically lasts all season long!

Some of my friends and followers shared the following traditions that they have in their families, in case you need inspiration for what to do new this year!

-Cutting down the Christmas Tree together

-Driving around to see Christmas lights

-Watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and laughing

-Opening the gift of Christmas pajamas each Christmas eve and wearing the pajamas while they watch Christmas movies together

-North Pole Breakfast with letters to Santa

-Advent Calendars and candy Christmas countdowns

-Hide the pickle in the tree and finder wins a prize

-Build a fort and watch Polar Express

If you’re looking for great ideas for the holidays, look no further! Between our traditions and those shared by friends, you’ll be set to have a wonderful holiday season! What other traditions do you do? Please share.

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