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I attended Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX, from 1996-2000. I set my major as Interior Design and minored in General Business. This girl knew what she wanted to be when she grew up from a pretty young age! I also knew that I wanted to run my own business someday.
My internship my senior year was at a company in Houston called Kathy Andrews Interiors, and they taught me so much! They went on to hire me post-graduation for my first career job as a model home decorator. I worked there for a couple of years and loved every second. It was challenging and fun, my coworkers became good friends, and I loved getting to travel around the country to various project installs. In fact, a lot of the processes I follow to this day for my real-life clients are similar to the methods taught to me there.

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful-that will be my life.” ~ Elsie de Wolfe


After my time at Kathy Andrews Interiors, I went to work for Wisenbaker at one of their design showrooms. This job basically had me guiding new construction homebuyers with their interior finish selections. I worked with budgets, allowances, and had a new client every 2 hours. This job wasn’t as exciting to me as decorating model homes, but this job afforded me a job without travel.
It was around this time that I got married, and we got custody of my stepson, Stayton. He was a kindergartener at the time and needed his mother figure present in his life rather than being in another state two weeks per month. It was soon decided that his summers off and my summers working were not ideal, and we made the decision for me to switch careers to elementary education. I got my alternative certification and spent the better part of a decade in the classroom. I was a great teacher, and I loved my job! I still keep up with my teaching buddies. Teaching provided a great income, stable family time, and allowed us to pursue fertility treatments. (Spoiler alert….nothing ever worked.) I taught until we got the call that we were to be Jake’s parents!

I had always wanted to be a Stay-Home-Mom, and once Jake came home to us, that was to be my job. Momming. I had waited a decade for this opportunity! From the time Jake was newborn until he was about six months of age, I was an amazing SAHM. But around his sixth month, I became bored with the monotonous household duties, and in my spirit, I sensed I was ready for more. When I told my husband, he recommended I go back to teaching, but that wasn’t what I wanted at all. I knew it was time to start Sleek to Chic Interiors!

I began my company in January of 2013 with $250 of birthday and Christmas money saved up. I used it to pay for my DBA and for a graphic designer to make me a logo. I networked my heart out and began building my vendor list. My first clients were friends and family so that I could begin to build a portfolio. I slowly began earning a little money here and there, which I turned right back around and put into the company to keep it growing. Marketing, advertising, and societies to join were where I put my money, and I don’t regret it!

Since January 2013, I have served over 300 clients! I am now working on projects for some repeat clients that have been with me since the beginning! My firm has won awards and been featured in numerous publications and blogs. I even made a television appearance in February of 2017 on the Season 2 finale of Billion Dollar Buyer!



10 Reasons You Should Hire Me

1. My target market is middle-income families with children. I bridge the gap between the DIY client and the affluent.
2. I work as best I can within any given budget. I’m realistic when I provide a scope of services to fit your budget.
3. I have such a pleasant rapport with my clients and usually end up being their friends when all is said and done.
4. My processes are refined and efficient.
5. I’m always seeking to learn new things and meet new vendors rather than stay with old habits.
6. All of my career jobs helped to lay the foundation for the services I provide today. My experiences have truly been broad within my field, and this allows me to take on a wild variety of projects.
7. I care so deeply about my clients and almost become emotional when the project is over–sad to be done with the project, but happy for the client who now has the home of their dreams!
8. I work on projects long-distance when necessary, which doesn’t limit my project base geographically.
9. I design your home for YOU, not for resale value. If everyone wanted beige walls and wall to wall beige furniture, think what a boring world this would be!
10. I cast the vision, carry the stress, and make your home updates easier on you! Trust me to bring your dream home to life.

Here is my design process spelled out step by step. No two projects are alike, but ALL of my projects go through this 5 step process from beginning to end. Let me work for you!

I’d love to hear from you! Clients, share your thoughts here about working with Sleek to Chic! We LOVE our clients! Future clients, what projects would you trust me with?

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