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First-Timer’s Guide to Hiring a Designer

So, you’ve always decorated your own home. But it feels flat, unfinished, or worse….ugly. Considering hiring a designer to take your house to the next level? Don’t stress! Hiring a designer is not scary. You may worry it’s going to be too expensive, or too stressful, or cause too much anxiety trusting someone else with your home. But the truth of the matter is that if you find the right designer, it will be their goal to remove the anxiety, worry and stress from your shoulders. Wouldn’t you love to just wake up one day to a prettier home, a more functional home? Who wouldn’t?!?  Check out my tips below for finding the right designer for your home.

Finding The Right Designer

  1. Do a search on Houzz for designers in your area or in your state. Find 3-5 designers whose portfolios interest you. Check their ratings and reviews. See if they’ve won any awards. Check to see if they’re active in their local chapters of design societies.
  1. Once you have narrowed down your search to your top 3 favorite designers, based on reviews and portfolio…now it’s time to check out the designers’ websites. Go to each website and read each section, find out more about their firm, their team, their education and their accolades. This will help you narrow your search even further.
  1. Select your top 2 designers and begin following them on all social media. See what they post about, if they’re storying, and if their content and vibe interests you. Pick up the phone and call both of them! Ask important questions such as “Are you interested in helping first-timers?” or “What is your process like?” Hopefully by this point, you’ve spoken with ME over the phone and gotten some questions answered. Hopefully you feel comfortable with the next step!
  1. Schedule that first consultation with me! This is so exciting! In the time between when you schedule the appointment, and the actual appointment, you should really begin working hard to refine your wish list, detailing out your budget, and begin collecting online images of rooms that truly reflect your style. This can be done on Houzz or Pinterest and can be shared with me either prior to the first constultation, or after.
  1. Lastly comes TRUST. Trust that I’m going to come in as a professional and carry the load for you. Trust that I know what I’m doing. Trust that I will treat your family like my own. (Even your fur babies!) Trust that your happiness is my goal. Trust that your home is in good hands. Trust that the outcome will WOW you! Trust that by the end of it all, I will call you a friend. I can’t help it. I love my clients! And first-timers are always grateful they reached out! See what this past first-timer has to say about their experience working with me!


“My biggest hesitation in hiring an interior designer was fear of the cost. What I didn’t realize was the amount of money I wasted buying furnishings that didn’t work or fit the space. I would have spent a lot less money had I started with you!”

Don’t let nervousness or shyness keep you from the home of your dreams! Visit my services page to see if what I offer can help your home!

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