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Embrace Grace

I’ve blogged about Embrace Grace before. Last August I told a bit about why I’m involved with Embrace Grace, and how much the ministry means to me. That post can be found here. http://www.sleektochicinteriors.com/learning-to-embrace-grace/

Photography by Lindsay Walden Photography

This ministry is such a blessing to me. Even though I’m the lead teacher and volunteer, I learn something every week about my own character and my walk with God. These young women teach me that perspective is everything, and how strong the female can actually be. I’ve learned that my problems are small, my faith wavers, my power in Christ is strong, and that my God is faithful. I’ve watched these women overcome obstacles with such grace and fortitude and strength that it humbles me. If 20 year old Kara had been in their shoes….would I have been as strong and brave as them? I like to think so, but I’m not sure I would have. I’m amazed by them every week. They show up, they openly discuss what’s on their hearts, and together we learn about the God who loves us all very much.

Something we all struggle with as women, at least I think we all do, is knowing our worth. Seeing ourselves the way God sees us. To pull a quote from a random Facebook comment from a stranger, “Girl. God loves you no matter what. If you could see how he sees you through his love eyes, you’d know.” These women are fighting to find their identity in Christ, when the world around them is telling them they are worthless, shamed, and weak. To be unwed and pregnant has always carried such a stigma. It still does. Just ask them.

But here’s how I see it. They found out they were pregnant, and were scared. They weighed their options. They chose the bravest option….to carry their babies to term, and then either parent or place for adoption. Then, they took another brave step and reached out to a stranger. Someone they’ve never met before. Sought out connections to help them along their rocky path. Then they find themselves in my group where, together, we walk hand in hand through one of the scariest seasons of their lives.

Photography by Lindsay Walden Photography

To be Pro-Life like I am means so much more than checking a box. It means so much more than telling a woman she should keep her pregnancy. To me, being Pro-Life encompasses all stages of the human life, from conception to death. Valuing each human and showing love to them the way Jesus told us to. Treating them with respect and dignity, and loving them the way God loves us. With grace and compassion and mercy. It means holding the hand of a woman and walking beside her during her unplanned pregnancy. It means pointing them to their creator. It means teaching them just how strong they are, and having fun together along the way. Together, we are strong! Women, when united and holding each other up, can move mountains!

Ways You Can Help

  1. Donate to our Embrace Grace ministry at Compass. These funds are used for our spa night events, as well as the baby shower events. Text me for info on how to do this. 713-725-4512.


  1. Pray for these women daily. Pray for their unborn children.


3. Make yourself available in one of many ways. From sharing your testimony with them, to pampering them, to attending the baby showers and showering them with gifts and love. We have fun together! Our semesters (2 per year) run from January to April, and then from September to December.

Text me if you want to get involved in some way. We’d love having you as a part of this ministry with us! 713-725-4512

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