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Elevate Your Outdoor Living

Spring is here, and what does that mean? In our home, that means sipping cold drinks on the patio while the little ones run around having one adventure after another. It also means inviting friends over to let all of our kids play together while we get some adult conversation!

I spend so much time decorating the interior of my home- turns out I need to pay attention to a few other areas. I went outside & was very embarrassed at the state of our back yard… can you relate? The grass isn’t growing, the trees are overgrown, we have toys spread everywhere… such a mess! In addition- we have new home construction happening along our back fence, which means a layer of dirt on every surface!!

So what to do about it? Cleanup time! Here are a few tips to turning your outdoor space into an oasis- because we all need a relaxing space to enjoy the weather & some fresh air!


Clean out those flower beds, trim everything back to allow for new growth & lay down fresh mulch. We are blessed with some very large mature trees. They provide us with wonderful shade all summer- but they do have one negative. The grass doesn’t want to grow below them! The remedy for this- trim back your trees every Spring to allow for light to reach your Grass.


We try to plant flowering perennials and evergreens in our flower beds. This way, we always have some green throughout the winter & don’t have as much work to do come springtime. We always leave a few spots in the front to plant a few fresh flowers along the edges every springtime though!  

Grass- fill in any dirt that has eroded away and lay down new grass seed or sod! The sod- we hire help for because we want to ensure that it will grow! Did you know that you can request a special permit from your city to water extra for new landscaping? Watering sod is critical in succeeding!

Potted Plants- Place some pretty pottery around your patio. It brightens my day to walk outside and see how my little flower babies have grown! (now my true inner nerd is showing)! I like to have a grouping of 3 pots. A tip for what to put in the largest pot that will make them look professionally done! 1. Something tall (like a grass) 2. Something colorful (flowers) and 3. Something that drapes down the side of the pot. I planted these about a month ago & they love their new home!


Do you own a power washer? We invested in one a couple of years ago & will always have one going forward!! There are different nozzles for various tasks- I start up high & work my way down. Windows & door frames, fences, tabletops & chairs, cushions & pillows and lastly the concrete! Let me tell you- a regular garden hose has nothing on this power washer… and it’s oddly therapeutic & satisfying watching all of the dirt wash away row by row!


If you need seating or a table- find that first & don’t forget the accessories like fresh accent pillows, rugs,  ambiance lighting and wall decor! A team like ours is perfect to help you plan it out & pull it all together and accessorize- so you can just walk outside & enjoy your beautiful space with your family! Cheers to the nice weather, and good friends by our sides!

Kick off your summer by hiring us to spruce up your outdoor spaces! This blog post was written by Kara Opfer.

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