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Design with KIDS in mind

8It seems that there is a misnomer; if you have a crew of little rascals, you cannot live in a well-designed home…This is totally false!!! Designs with KIDS in mind have three crucial, but simple elements. This type of design needs to be durable, functional, and flexible.

If you have a crew of kiddos, selections of white velvet, glass tops, and white carpet are probably not your friend. When making selections and choosing furnishings for your home, consider the durability of your materials. When choosing flooring, consider wood, laminate, or tile. For upholstered items, consider getting a leather sofa or one covered in a Sunbrella or other durable fabrics. There are even options for, wait for it…. slip covered couches that are far more evolved than Grandma’s couch with the long skirt. Pillows are a great way to bring some color and pattern into a space. Choosing washable pillow covers with patterns can hide dirt and stains. This would be your best bet for getting the most out of your pillows. When looking at furniture to bring into your space, look for items that already have some character to them. For example; reclaimed wood pieces. Any “character” that your children may add to them will look like it was always there. Solid wood and vintage finishes are always great options for these pieces.

Do you feel like you are always finding cars, doll pieces, and little brick-shaped blocks around the 9house? This is where the next design element comes into play. Choose furnishings that are FUNCTIONAL. With KIDS in mind, consider this phrase, “Storage, storage, storage.” Storage is the most important element to be successful in your family design. What’s a beautiful, high end look with toys scattered everywhere? Instead of fighting the toys, embrace them and offer them a home. Select coffee tables that are trunks or ottomans that contain storage. Use media cabinets with doors to hide the madness. Strategically place beautiful woven baskets for an end the day toy round up. If your kiddos are bookworms, who are regularly reading books, put frame shelves on the wall (like the ones sold at that big Swedish store) to keep their books organized and easily accessible. If your kiddos love to color with chalk, incorporate a fun chalkboard as part of your design. The options are endless, but make your stuff play double duty and work for you.

7Last, but not least, your design needs to be FLEXIBLE. Your kiddos are going to go through stages where particular design pieces may have a death sentence if you don’t embrace your flexibility. Recently, my one-year-old little boy decided that he had it out for my lamps. Needless to say, he won that battle and my living room is now lampless, which is how it will remain until he no longer has the desire to break all the things. You can still incorporate accessories, but instead of reaching for priceless and fragile family heirlooms, place a wooden bowl of faux fruit or twine decorative balls. That way if they’re thrown across the room, no one will lose an eye. These stages don’t last forever, so be flexible and let your space evolve and grow along with your little ones.

If you utilize these elements, you can have a well-designed home that is also a fun and safe place for your kids to grow. It’s time to turn that chaos into chic!

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  • Emelia
    June 12, 2016

    Terrific. The same applies to older kids and pets.

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