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Design On A Dime

There’s a world of ideas that can still be accomplished on a small budget! Some of the projects I take on are considered budget-minded projects. There are a lot of designers out there that turn away projects like this, or completely ignore inquiries with tight budgets. But since I have always marketed myself to middle income families, essentially bridging the gap between the DIY client and the more affluent, I end up with quite a few small-budget projects. I consider them a challenge, and love to help the client work through their priorities and come up with a solid plan of action. This particular project was for a bachelor educator whose budget was small. As you can see, we still worked up some great drama with color usage and symmetry, contrast and texture.

How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

  1. Hire a designer. I know this sounds counterintuitive for trying to stay on budget, but just trust me. I can save you money by keeping you from making poor choices. I will be guiding you with size and scale and balance (things you don’t necessarily know! A design degree really does make me better at this than the average Joe.) Besides, working with me is a lot of fun…just ask my clients! We have a great time working together!

2. Be honest and very upfront about both your budget max and your priorities. I am very good at teaching clients where it’s ok to scrimp and save and buy discounted retail, and where it’s worthwhile to invest in higher quality custom pieces. When we put our heads together, we are always able to come up with a solution that both fits your budget AND accomplishes as much of your wish list as possible. Sometimes, I have to be the one that is very upfront and honest about how realistic a client’s budget is vs. their wish list. There are many instances where I have to be the bearer of bad news when they’ve watched one too many home and garden shows and think it’s cheap to remodel or furnish a house. The truth is, it isn’t cheap! But if you allow me to get creative with both your home and your spending, I promise you will be very happy with the end result!

  1. Don’t feel embarrassed to reach out to me for help with your home, even if you’ve never worked with a designer before! I can’t tell you how many times per week I get calls from first-timers wondering how the process works and what the pricing structure is like. They don’t ALL turn into active clients, but most eventually do! Because my target audience is middle income families, almost all my inquiries are first-timers. I’ve heard from clients so many times that they wish they had just reached out to me for help sooner. Seriously, what are you waiting for??
  1. Don’t let distance keep you from working with me. I have an entire branch of my business dedicated to long-distance design. The processes are all spelled out clearly, the pricing for that is displayed on my website, and I’ve worked for clients all over! From Houston, to Australia, to Florida, California, and more….hop over to my services tab to find out more about my e-design services I proudly call The Virtual Visionary. (link)

Have you ever worked with a designer before? What’s keeping you from reaching out for help with your home? Call me this week! 713-725-4512

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