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Color Your World

My mom knew something about me was a little “off” when I stole someone’s trash to feed my obsession with colors. Let me explain. I ran long-distance track in middle school, and I would often run around my neighborhood. (Those days are long gone, I assure you.) When out for a run one morning, I noticed it was trash day and that a neighbor several houses down was throwing away a carpet book that had a carpet with all of its color options on one board. I had to have it. I literally ran all the way home with that stupid carpet book, having no idea whatsoever what I planned to do with it. You should’ve seen my mom’s eyes when I hauled that thing through the front door.  

I know a girl….she puts the color inside of my world.   ~ John Mayer

So I guess it’s only natural for me to end up playing with color for the rest of my life. Let’s have a little fun, and I’ll teach you some basics about color schemes!   Most people know the primary colors: red, yellow and blue. They form a triangle on the color wheel if you were to use your finger to join each one. Most people also know that by mixing primary colors together, you get the secondary colors: green, orange and purple.   There are many ways to use and combine colors into designs that are pleasing to most people. The first type of color scheme is called monochromatic. This simply means “1 color.” That means the room’s design is mostly neutrals with varying shades of one color. (Example: Grey, White, Navy, and Pale Blue.)   Another color scheme is called complementary. This means that two opposite colors on the wheel are great friends! They go well together. (Example: Purple with Yellow, or Lime with Fuschia.)   Another type of color scheme would be called a split complementary. Find two opposites on the color wheel, then choose one of those colors to grab their neighbors. (Example: Yellow, with Red-Violet and Blue-Violet.)   There are more, but I’m guessing you don’t care about color as much as I do! So I will stop there. Artists and designers use more technical color wheels to guide them in their work. That might look like this instead of the more basic one above.  

“I’ve never met a color I didn’t like.”

~ Dale Chihuly

Everyone in my family knows that I love color. When Jake was a baby, I taught him the colors before I taught him anything else. We even used Pantone flashcards when he was a toddler! I did a giveaway a few years back of this very set of Pantone color cards! My sister gave me this beautiful necklace for my birthday one year! It is my favorite necklace, and I still wear it a lot. Now that you know more about color, see if you can tell what is incorrect about my color wheel necklace….no hints from me!  

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