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Clear The Clutter, Start Fresh

It’s that time of year where we are clearing out the old to ring in the new! I love this time of transition in my home. It gives me a chance to look every room over with a new sense of sight. Do I still love that lamp? Why not? What could I change about how this room is organized in order to increase efficiency in my home?

I fully believe that taking a day or two to just focus on the energy and flow in your home, making changes that lift your mood, and replacing one or two old“dated” items with a fresh, cheerful version can be mind-altering! This series of steps bring me more in touch with my household, cause me to pay attention to the details I live with, and refresh my creative juices. It doesn’t have to cost a dime! Sometimes simply switching items from room to room can have the same effect!

I once read a book called The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith. I’ve always naturally done many of the things she suggests in her book, but it was refreshing to see that I’m not the only one who tries to find beauty in used objects, thrifty finds and rearrangements. I would encourage each of you to pick up a copy and read it, and then give some of her ideas a try! She discusses how no matter your income level, there are ways you can make your house more of a home, one that reflects YOU.

One of the key traits here at Sleek to Chic Interiors that sets us apart from other design firms is that we get to know our clients VERY well. We make every effort to listen to their needs, build rapport with each member of the family (including the furry ones!), and bring creative solutions to their problems with creative design concepts, while keeping the focus entirely on the client and their needs and style. Our motto is “Interior Design with YOU in mind.” We live by that around here.


Here are my 4 steps to clearing out:

  1. Focus on one room, Find the problem

What is driving you crazy about this room? Is the traffic flow bad? Is there too much stuff? Is the focal point not very focal? Does it lack vibrant energy and color? Are you sick of everything? (That’s so me!)

  1.  Identify the excess, Grab a bag

The items in that room that you decide you can now live without have GOT to go. Have a bag for donation and a bag for trash, then get busy stuffing those bags! Now, take a good look at what remains behind. You may find that simply clearing it out makes the problem go away! Or, you may find that more needs to be done.

  1. Solution Time

That problem you identified in step 1? Solve it. Make strides to make it better. Rearrange the room, swap chairs from one room to the next, replace a worn rug with a new one, add one new color to your scheme.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

This is the part where you begin making strides to not allow the clutter to creep back in. Stop buying that random photo frame at Target because you thought it was cute but don’t know how to properly display it. Stop shoving things into spaces where they are “out of sight, out of mind.” Organize, give everything a place, and make every effort to put things in their proper location as you go throughout your day. These simple steps will keep you from feeling anxious and overwhelmed when you come home to a cluttered, unorganized mess of a home after a long day at work. Instead, allow your home to be a sanctuary or a calming retreat for you!


I’d love to hear reports back from my readers on how these steps helped you in your home! Leave a comment here!


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