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Bringing Nature Indoors

In my opinion, a room can feel very sterile and uncomfortable without a little outdoors brought in. I feel like plants truly add that touch of coziness to a space. Maybe you don’t have a green thumb….my own green thumb is a little weak, too. Faux plants are ok to use, and I do for a lot of my clients who express to me that they are terrible at keeping plants alive. But it’s even better, for multiple reasons, if those indoor plants are alive! There are also other ways of bringing nature indoors. From gorgeous geodes to driftwood and quartz…these truly make unique and one of a kind accessories as well!

Benefits of Indoor Living Plants

  1. The first benefit of having living plants around your home is that they are natural mood-boosters. They have a way of lifting our spirits and making us feel connected with nature. If you struggle with depression or anxiety, it may be worth getting a few indoor plants that are easy to grow in order to gain this positive benefit! Plants are therapeutic!
  1. Indoor living plants also reduce stress, fatigue, and alleviate illness symptoms. If your family has been in a rut of constant illness, bring in a few ivy plants around the main areas of your home. If your job is stressful, put an indoor plant in your cubicle or office space. If you deal with chronic fatigue, then put a small plant by your bubble bath or zen area.
  1. Indoor plants detoxify the air around us, increase the humidity in a room, and provide us with oxygen. They are very good at cleaning up the air pollution in our daily environment.
  1. Indoor plants help to sharpen our focus and enhance our creativity! Who would have known?? I keep plants in my office space to help me stay focused and to keep me from getting in a creative rut. Productivity is super important to me as a working mother. I have to use my time wisely to have the proper work/life balance. So this is one of my favorite benefits!

Don’t be afraid to grab a few indoor plants next time you’re at your local nursery! They are available year-round and most are very simple to keep alive. Start with Pothos Ivy or Spider Plant, as both are low maintenance.

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