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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Learning to best utilize your small space

Guest post by Amy Bird.

Well, I’ve never written a blog post about anything, let alone interior design, but here it goes! Let me start by telling you three things: First, I have five kids total-Sydney-14, Owen-12, Evangeline-5, Silas-3, and Josie-1. Second, I live in a 1600 square foot house, and third, I don’t want a bigger house!

Having so many people in such a small space means that while we can shut doors and be in different rooms, no one can escape too far from another’s presence. This limited space serves the purpose of bringing us together and naturally holding us accountable for our actions, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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However, while we have learned that love and authenticity grow well in small houses, we’ve learned that clutter and mess do, too! With the three children who are ages 5 and under; we have really had to get creative to provide space for them to play, and areas where we can store their toys without them being too much of an eye-sore.

Before my son Silas was born, we decided to build in our back patio and convert it into a playroom. Since we were on a tight budget, we had my father-in-law do the construction, painting, and electrical work. What a blessing he is and a strong legacy he will leave to our family! My husband and I painted the interior ourselves, and my sister Kara Gordon guided the vision for the room, re-purposing what we already owned and furnishing it with some new pieces all for under $600.

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We began the interior work at the start of Christmas break, and my family helped in so many ways, mainly bytaking the little ones off our hands so we could focus on the work it entailed. By the time New Year’s had rolled around, the room was 90% finished but still lacked the furniture assembly and final synthesis. Kara and her family just decided last minute to come over, and we all worked together on New Year’s Day to get it done. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to start out a New Year than with a new space.

I know not everyone has a sister who is an interior designer or a father-in-law who does contract work, but most people do have family or at least friends who feel like family. We have discovered that while the final product is the primary goal, the process of working hard together with people we love makes the project more enjoyable and meaningful. We have literally poured our sweat and tears into this tiny house, and to be honest, I don’t want to leave it.

If you have been convinced that you need a bigger house to be happy, think again! Let life naturally teach you a fresh perspective on what you already have and find a group of people you love to work with to get the job done!         

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